Thursday, April 28, 2016

This lack of realism

Seth Godin says that everyone should blog every single day. "Are you able everyday to say 1 thing that's new that you're willing to stand behind?"

So here goes...

In this interview, Bono states that he is "suspicious of Christians is because of this lack of realism". I have to admit, my sentiments are the same. I've spent the whole of my 32 years on this earth in church amongst Christians and I could likely count on both hands the number of times the moments of realism I've felt. No offense to any of those Christians as I think it's just the way things were. It's how we were "trained".

But since I've had these 32 years, I think it's time in today's culture with the abundance of outlets available for us to dialogue, it's time for us to be real. As real as we want to be. As real as we can.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Who was the last person to make you laugh? What did they do or say?

Thankfully, I laughed a lot this past weekend. It was a mildly stressful weekend spent with my parents as they prepare for their relocation. Three times of laughter really stand out.

1. My mom is constantly making me laugh-sometimes she tries to, oftentimes she doesn't. On Saturday we helped my dad move out of his office since he recently retired after 40+ years of serving in ministry, 13 at his most recent church. Mom & I were discussing how to fit the 4 of us (Z, Mom, Dad, & me) in their minivan along with some mattresses we were taking to my brother on our trip the next day. She suggested that Z & I simply 'lay on the mattresses til we get there'. That might have been ok were we going directly to my brother's house however, our 1st stop was going to be to attend church at a location that is currently searching for an organist to employ where my father plans to submit a resume. Upon her suggestion, I told my mom that if we were to follow her plan, my father would be considered the creepy old guy with mattresses in the back of his minivan who wants to play the organ at the church. Perhaps it was just situational but we cackled about that for several minutes, barely able to breathe.

2. A second occurrence happened after we attended the above-mentioned church when my husband relayed the story of his & my father's entrance to the church. While I won't go into all the details here, I will say that my father is the most kind-hearted, respectful person you will ever meet and I'm sure the people with which he interacted simply thought he was just a bit "country". God bless 'im!

3. As anyone who has been around children knows, they will say the most honest things whenever they are inclined. My 3 year old nephew has been quite the riot throughout his little life and I do wish now I had kept a record of all the comical things he has said. On Sunday, after the aforementioned church incident, we were eating lunch together at a Mexican restaurant and H was sitting in my lap since we had finished eating. He was cuddly that day and I asked him if he would always be my sweet boy to which he responded, "People will always be people" and quickly followed up with "Their names will always be their names, their letters will always be their letters." I thought he was quite advanced for his age until his mom told me that they had recently discussed the fact that when he grows up he will still be H & when his baby brother grows up, he will still be W. Even so, I thought it was so precious to hear that little voice declare, "People will always be people." He always keeps me laughing!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

What was the last movie you watched and did you like it?

The literal last movie I watched was National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation on Christmas evening. I always enjoy that movie because it's not really the Christmas season unless we've watched it.

The last movie I saw in theaters was Star Wars: The Force Awakens and surprisingly I thought it was a great movie! I just recently started watching the Star Wars series (mainly because my husband is an obsessed, long-time fan) and so we viewed the first 3 movies before seeing this latest release. I think I hesitate to watch this genre because I'm afraid it will be too action/fight-scene heavy but I am always pleasantly surprised. There is always enough romance & comedy to balance the action scenes so it's easy for the film to appeal to a wide variety of people (like me). I'll be sure to watch the other 3 movies even though I've been warned they're not as good. : ) I'll still give Star Wars a thumbs up!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

What are 3 things that bring you joy in life?

1. My puppy, Oscar. He is a 5 year old, 9 lb yorkie & is definitely spoiled rotten! Zeb bought him for me when I fell in love with our friends' yorkie & decided I was *almost* certain I wanted a dog. He surprised me for Valentine's Day in 2011 & I was so scared when we got him. I had no idea how to care for a dog as the only ones I had been around were my brothers' dogs we had in my childhood. But over the past 5 years, he has become one of the greatest joys of my life. He has listened to me, cuddled with me, consoled me, and loved me unconditionally as dogs do and my life is SO enriched because of him.

2. Baking. Before the fall of 2014, I would have just considered my amateur baker tackling the occasional brownies, cookies, box mix concoctions. That fall I enrolled in a cake decorating class at the local community college which just so happened to be taught by the baker who made our wedding cake. It was a fantastic course that really gave me confidence not only in baking/decorating cakes but also in baking in general. Since the course ended I have made the birthday cakes for my mom & dad as well as Z & myself. I've also developed what I'm calling a 'signature cookie' that I bake for all family occasions & as the occasional gift. While I still don't consider myself a professional (as evidenced by the pictures), I can't explain the joy I feel when I complete a cake or know that my friends and family are enjoyed something I created. Baking is a way for me to channel my creativity & also enjoy sweets : )

3. Road trips with Z. We don't make a lot of these any more-not like we did when we lived in Texas-but when we do, we always have fun. Road trips for us are therapeutic & we spend time talking, planning, dreaming while we travel. There's always good music, we pack snacks & stop at our favorite restaurants, and try not to laugh at Oscar too much when he is frustrated at being cooped up in the car. While the preparations & in turn, unpacking are not the most enjoyable tasks, I always look forward to the extra, uninterrupted time with Z.

You can't really tell but this is a picture of the 3 of us holding hands/paws on one of our latest trips. : )

Monday, January 4, 2016

Describe your bedtime ritual.

My bedtime ritual varies...daily. But each of these activities takes place at some point every night.

*Brush teeth.
*Take out contacts.
*Wash face.
*Use *ahem* facilities.
*Apply hand lotion.
*Apply strawberry Chap-stick.
*Write in 1-line journal.
*Say evening prayer.
*Set alarm.
*Plug in phone & turn ringer down.

Those things happen without fail. These things happen with some regularity...

*Read until I fall asleep & the book hits me in the face.
*Scroll Facebook until I fall asleep & my phone hits me in the face.
*Apply foot cream & put on socks.
*End of day planning in my bullet journal.

I'm not too complicated-but sometimes I do hate that there are so many steps before I can go to sleep. On nights when I'm wiped & I've stayed up too late watching Netflix or I got sucked into the interwebs, the bare minimum involves brushing teeth, taking out contacts, & washing face.

I just realized it is ridiculous that I have spent this long to describe my bedtime ritual so sweet dreams!